Running a family day care business from home can be a daunting job. There is the obvious tasks of constantly having to meet the legislation and the service you are registered with policies and procedures along with the pressures that families can bring all whilst meeting children's safety, wellbeing and educational needs, all in a day's work right? 

Most, if not all educators put themselves last in their business, meaning they are not safe. 99% of educators surveyed do not have the right measures in place to protect themselves and their families financially. Did you know that by not having the right structure and business practices in place you could be losing around $80,000 for every 5 years you work in family day care! that's $160,000 lost income if you do this for 10 years! Isn't that money you need and deserve? 

 The selection of videos, resources and downloadable worksheets and templates are designed for you to run your home child care business.... and make sure you are getting what YOU deserve, what you're working for, and protect your future. For an investment of under $200 you can establish, grow and protect you, your family and your home business. 

Working from home brings so many benefits, you can work your own hours, set your own standandards and build a secure financially viable business. 

100% of educators surveyed all stated they decided to work from home for one or a combination of these 3 reasons: 

1. Family commitments 
2. Knew they had what it took to support children and families 
3. Wanted to secure a financially viable business and be their own boss 

 So why this course? Because the 'business' side is often overlooked or as many of you know, our recognised course simply focuses on 'administration' - NOT business, leaving educators vulnerable to financial risk. 

Your financial security is vital to you, your lifestyle and family. 

We know your child care training has prepared you to work with the children, develop educational programs and protect them from harm and hazards, but how do you manage your clients? how do you claim your expenses? how do you invest for growth and improvement? how do you attract new clients? how do you market (or sell) your 'product'? 

How do YOU manage YOUR business? 

You are a business manager are you not? 

This course gives you the understanding of running a highly 'regulated' home business, so you can achieve your dream of working from home with a quality reputable child care business and stand out from thousands of competitors! Competitors in many cases, you don't even know exist!  

Having been approved as an expert by the Department of Education, the certificate you receive at the end can be added proudly to your professional development portfolio, allowing you to choose which approved service who you register with, what hours you work and what type of program you want to deliver. Why is it important to find the right service to register with? Because they can make or break your business! 
This course addresses all areas of the National Quality Framework, you will never have to worry again about compliance visits from the Regulatory Authority. 

This Course Will Help You to: 
  • Run a financially viable home-business 
  • ​Select the 'right' service for you
  • ​Meet the stringent government guidelines, and regulations
  • ​Work your own hours  
  • ​Make a profit

and includes:

  • Business Planning Templates and Resources  
  • Branding and Marketing template to attract the right client for you (a cornerstone to any successful business)
  • Home Safety Assessment Tool 
  • Budget Template 
  • ​​Required Registers and documentation 
  • ​Customer Service Strategies including conflict resolution 
  • ​Access to face to face with me at a time that suits you! 


    This online course is designed to give you everything you need to get you established or improve your family day care business. 
    This course will cover what you need to know with handy tips and advice from me, a recognised governance expert in education and care services. 
    If you need to clarify your particular circumstances, book an online consultation with me, half hour consultations are $35.00 and you can schedule yours here Jodie's calendar
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