Become an Approved Provider.

"This may just be the most important assessment of your career" 

The approved provider interview as part of the approved provider application is 'the key' to your success and sets the foundations for future applications when becoming approved to operate an education and care service which offers Child Care Subsidy.  

Make your application stand out by tailoring it to suit the application requirements. 

 Successful applicants have a range of skills, knowledge and experience that make them suitable to be an approved provider, and although early childhood qualifications and management experience is preferred by authority's, it is just that, a preference. 

If you believe you can operate an education and care service? 

Your resume, when tailored to the expectations of an approved provider will ensure officers are clear about the skills, experience and attributes you possess that makes 'You' suitable for approval.

This resume guide is designed to give you the best opportunity at putting your best foot forward so to speak. And like any application or assessment the better prepared and presented the better the result.

Hi, I'm Jodie Signorino, the founder and director of JPS Family Day Care Advisers. I am a recognised family day care leadership and governance expert with 99% people being approved after working with me. 

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